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Great design is what it’s all about. Only if a project designed and planned thoroughly it can be successfully executed. Great design consists of the following components:

1. Layout / space planning

2. Material (products, finishes) selection and specification

3. Budget planning

KOSNAD INC can quickly handle all three for you. Most designers will be able to handle layout/space well, not that well they can handle material selection and specification .Because they don’t have a showroom and need to rely on other showrooms. Many designers use KOSNAD INC as their go to showroom. Don’t get us wrong, we love to work with designers so if you already have a designer please bring her/ him along and introduce us, we’ll explain why below.

The budget planning is usually the most challenging for designers because not only they don’t have a showroom but they are also not a contractor. This makes calculating how much your project will cost and developing a realistic budget with you impossible causing the designer to price everything with showrooms and contractors. In most cases it may mean that you would only know how much the project will truly cost after it is already designed. Establishing a budget is important but even if you already know exactly how much you are planning to spend and you told that to your designer, there is no telling if it is possible to complete your project within established range from the initial design stages.

While we are working on the above components (layout, specification, budget planning) we usually like to simultaneously handle the permitting and approval process.

- We obtain local building department permits (plumbing, electrical, general construction and any other type of architectural/ expediting matters such as special applications and variances)

-If you are living in a condo or coop requiring board and/ or management company approval we will handle all of that on your behalf simultaneously with dealing with DOB permits and applications.

So as you can see we have a down packed design process using a full service system allowing the design and specification to move along very fast. No designer can provide the entire process fast enough. That’s because designers will have to rely on other suppliers, showrooms and contractors for executing their design.

At KOSNAD INC we don’t have any design voice and are not trying to necessarily create a published masterpiece every time. Although we can and have been published many times it is not our goal. Our mission is to make your dreams come true. We will match the right products with your style and budget. Our clients are absolutely involved in whole process since the design is a reflection of the preference and personality. When we design we don’t design with our design voice in mind but we listen to what you
envision within your budget. We design for any budget. Because we didn’t adapt a specific style and are open to all types of designs from around the world our showroom has an unlimited selection of materials. Only very little of what we can supply for your project is displayed. We carry thousands of products. If they had to be displayed we would need a showroom at least 20 times larger than our current one. The design options are completely unlimited. We can specify and supply every product necessary for any type of the project.

All of the mentioned above is quite beneficial for our clients and a wonderful resource for any designer or architect. We encourage our clients who are already working with a designer or architect to use KOSNAD INC and combine forces. We are home to many designers and architects who constantly work with KOSNAD INC on their projects. They can bring in their design voice with your preferred style in mind and accommodate you in the same manner using our system. Whether you have a designer or not KOSNAD INC design system is the way to go to start your project.